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Pulsewave Begins Tomorrow with the True Chip Till Death Awards
January 29, 2010, 10:00
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Pulsewave NES Invite ROM – January 2010 from NO CARRIER on Vimeo.

Coded by NO CARRIER & Batsly Adams
Graphics by Data East, hacked by the above bad dudes
Music by (The Mighty) Heosphoros


You are cordially invited to celebrate the finest in chip music crooners, pixel painters, and other innovators for the 2009 True Chip Till Death Awards Gala, held January 30, 2010 in New York City.

Presented by TCTD, in association with Pulsewave and The Tank, attendees will be treated to a night of amazing live performances and the presentation of the TCTD awards, recognizing the best musicians, artists, developers, and members of the international chip community for 2009.

Animal Style ///
Joey Mariano and his music are one portion of the chip music schematic. The capacitance of his creations range from genre connections to genre transformers and are not limited to the common rules and regulations associated with normal sound organization. Currently he is working with the Sega Genesis, and producing NES cartridge albums with NO CARRIER. His most recent NES album “Teletime” is now out on FILE FREAKOUT.
James Kochalka Superstar ///

James Kochalka lives in Burlington, VT with his wife and two boys. He draws a daily diary comic strip called American Elf, an absurdist superhero comic series called SuperF*ckers, and a series for children called Johnny Boo.

He also makes absurd, catchy rock music under the name James Kochalka Superstar. His song “Britney’s Silver Can” was named one of the Top 100 songs of 2006 by Rolling Stone, and his song “Hockey Monkey” was used as the theme song to the Fox tv sitcom, “The Loop”. “Digital Elf” is his first full album composed entirely in the chiptune style, and he’ll be playing songs from this album at the event.
Hosted by:
Glomag ///

Glomag has been making 8 bit music since 2001. He has performed in France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Canada and the US. His music has played in films, on television and on the internet. The machinima series This Spartan Life, which he writes and directs as well, features his music as well as music from other 8 Bit artists. His most recent release, “Roland and the Lamprey” is out now on 8Bitpeoples.
With Musical Direction by:
Oxygenstar ///

To fully comprehend the the force that drives OxygenStar (Carl Peczynski), one must travel back in time to ’96 when MTV was still playing music.Inspired by Michael J Fox’s performance during the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ dance, Carl was immediately drawn to the sound of an electric guitar. From that day forward, Carl developed an ongoing interest in other instruments, such as piano and the drumset. Self-taught and just out of high school, he took to working on solo electronic projects. By the year 2000, OxygenStar quickly became the most important adventure of Carl’s musical pursuit and has grown far too large to be contained in his apartment.
Live Visuals by:

NO CARRIER, or Don Miller, is a visual artist and programmer living in Philadelphia. He reprograms nearly obsolete videogame and computer hardware for use at live music events and installations. He primarily codes for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64, creating visual works that incorporate both new and recycled symbols and patterns. Miller has performed, lectured, and shown work in the US and Europe. His work simultaneously speaks to the emerging DIY technology culture, and the reminiscence of a generation raised on interactive media technologies.


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This just in! Specials guests added:

* tRasH cAn maN – This years best performance nominee is here to prove he is the best!
* Peter Berkman – Standup from Anamanaguchi’s favorite funnyman!
* Mark Denardo – Graffiti Monsters frontman solo performance!

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