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The Blip Festival was on NY 1 News !
December 28, 2009, 18:18
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Video report by Donna Krager! Watch it here! The video features interviews with chip musicians Natty and Glomag as well as visualist Julian from The C-Men.

“The fourth-annual International Blip Festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn this weekend shows that music made by video game processors is no longer for only accompanying games. NY1’s Donna Karger filed the following report.

Gameboy, Nintendo, PlayStation and other video game consoles are no longer just for games. From across the globe, musicians and visual artists are descending about The Bell House in Brooklyn this weekend for the fourth-annual Blip Festival, the largest international celebration of chiptune and 8-bit music.

This new genre of music is created by altering the basic sound chips found in many gaming consoles of the 1980s, followed by creative software reprogramming.”