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Third Generation Festival is Accepting Submissions and Performers!
June 22, 2009, 18:37
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Third Generation Festival asks viewers to consider a memory of an influential performance event. What were the significant moments? What was the important information and how was it conveyed? From this memory, viewers create unique “second generation” documents. These documents or “scores” may take the form of a written account, visual collage, podcast, webcam, or audio recording. The documents will ultimately serve as scores for original, Third Generation work produced at the Festival. Both the originally observed work, and the documenting viewer will be credited along with the performing artist. Scores will be on display as a gallery installation throughout the Festival.

Festival Schedule
Thurs, Aug 20: 7:30pm with Panel Discussion to follow
Fri, Aug 21: 7:30pm
Sat, Aug 22: 9:30pm with After Party to follow

1. The scores contained in our blog are only examples. We in no way intend to limit the medium and/or method by which information is contained and compiled. We are interested in examining the score as its own document, and point of view.

2. Third Generation Performers will be assigned a score to realize at the discretion of the festival Curators. The three of the creative sources (Choreographer of Original Work, Score Author, and Third Generation Performer) will operate independently of one another. The Festival will be an opportunity to bring all three together and engage in dialogue.

3. We created Third Generation to spark something new, different, and even (perhaps) controversial. We understand that by using Original Work as the inspiration for Third Generation Performances, we are touching on issues of intellectual property. We hope to make clear that the intention is not to “replicate” an original work, but to re-examine it through an experimental process. All due credit will be given for the ideas presented at Third Generation.

4. We look forward to shaping the festival around the submissions we receive. Thanks in advance for your adventurous spirits.


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